Dog Days Of Summer

The end of August is one of the slowest times of the year for small business owners. There are family vacations, reunions, and other festivities so the business is slower, with employees requesting more time off, business owners may be the ones there during those slow days.

The Dog Days of Summer -- a term taken from the Farmers Almanac to describe the slowest time of summer, typically between July 3 and August 22.

We suggest while things are slower, it's a good time to do some revamping and prepare for the upcoming holidays; here are a few things to consider.

Connect with clients/customers

• Reach out to clients to see how the business has been going, let them know about new products they may be interested in, or if they have referrals.

• Set aside some time to connect with previous contacts and see whether they would be interested in doing business together again.

• Network. Join the Chamber of Commerce, BNI, or various social media outlets that can be beneficial.

• Be involved with your community. There are countless ways to get involved (sports, service, volunteer to help with other events). It is a great way to meet new people and develop those relationships.

Review Your Marketing Strategy

• Update your email list for any email marketing campaigns.

• Plan out the next few campaigns and have things scheduled ahead of time.

• Use social media. Join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn so you can post relevant content.

• Plan your holiday season and next year's budget.

• Make videos, update client testimonials, and add other eye-catching visuals. Update Your Website

• Review your website and make sure it is current. Remove anything from previous employees, such as pictures, links, and bios.

Make sure each hyperlink works

• Upgrade your website if it's not mobile-friendly -- you're losing revenue if you don't.

• Hire an SEO expert. They will check our your website and provide you with information on traffic to your page, where visitors spent the most time and other pertinent information.

• Review online directories, such as Google My Business. Make sure your company's name, address, phone, and website information is accurate.

• Add online ordering. Again, you're losing revenue if you don't.

• If you are in retail, start preparing for the holiday sales by securing staff early.

Any of our Payment Professionals can help you bring new life into your business with any of our ideas, products, or solutions. This summer is looking like it will be a bit different, so let us help out where we can.

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