Are you a Retail or Restaurant business needing to accept credit cards or other form of non-cash payments from your customer? We are committed to deliver exactly what you need in credit card processing and non-cash payment solutions.

Why do you want to accept credit cards at your business? Here are a few reasons for you to consider…

1. Convenience:
-A lot of shoppers do not carry around wads of cash. Plastic cards are much easier and compact to carry around. As a result, a lot of your customers are probably shopping at businesses that would allow them to use their plastic cards.
-Balancing your daily cash can be cumbersome and quite time consuming. Our credit card systems will automatically print end of day report of all credit card transactions so you spend less time balancing your daily cash or closing. Reconciling can be done with a push of a button.
–At the click of a button, you can send your credit card transactions to the bank to be deposited into your account thereby saving you an actual trip to your bank.

2. Increase Sales for Profit: If you only accept cash as a form of payment from your customers then you have limited your customers’ buying power to the amount of cash they have in their pocket versus a plastic card that could have infinite buying power from their credit limit giving you larger purchase transactions. Increasing the purchase amounts increases the profit potential for your business.