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Payment Information at Your Fingertips

MerchantConnect, our web-based real-time service, provides the streamlined and secure reporting you need. You can quickly and easily access payment information, while protecting cardholder and account data. MerchantConnect brings together all the information you need to better manage your electronic payment processing activity. It’s at your fingertips when you need it.

Easy Access to Information

The online account information and robust reporting gives your business the tools needed to manage your payment processing more efficiently and effectively. Here are just a few of the valuable reports available through MerchantConnect. MerchantConnect offers two service levels: Basic and Premium

MerchantConnect Basic

MerchantConnect Basic provides a single log-in for a single location and features the ability to manage your account and have convenient access to important reporting and support information.

My Account

My Account provides you with fast access to all the information you need to manage your account and ensure that you receive the best possible service. Review your merchant profile, view your statements, maintain account information, contact customer service, and monitor equipment shipment status.

My Reports

My Reports shows you timely and secure accounting information including deposit summaries, transaction activity, chargeback and retrieval status and links to report sites for our Electronic Gift Card and Electronic Check Service programs.


The Support Area makes it easy to find comprehensive information about transaction processing, industry mandates, product support and practical tips for howto control processing costs and improve your bottom line.

• The Interchange Information Area helps you betterunderstand the rules and regulations that determinetransaction pricing. Included are charts that outline qualification categories and helpful information on how to prevent downgrades for your specific industry.

• The Compliance and Data Security section provides valuable payment industry guidelines and best practices to help you safeguard both your businesses and your customer account information.

MerchantConnect Premium

MerchantConnect Premium provides a flexible solution for managing payments across multiple locations. In addition to all the features provided in our Basic service, MerchantConnect Premium provides hierarchical reporting and the ability to aggregate data from multiple locations. This enables an individual store manager to access reports on a single outlet, while a regional or corporate executive could use one log-on to view consolidated payment information on all the stores or geographic regions under his or her authority.

MerchantConnect Premium offers more comprehensive and versatile reports. For example, most reports cover ayear’s worth of activity rather than the six months provided with the Basic service level. Data is searchable, and can be exported to a spreadsheet or another application for further analysis.

Other services include:

• Informative interchange qualification reports that summarize your payments, classify qualification rates, and provide insight as to why transactions are downgrading.

• The ability to easily “drill down” to view batches of transactions grouped by card type or batch reference number, or to find additional detail such as authorization information and truncated card numbers.

• An innovative transaction search feature that enables you to search by credit card number, invoice number or other criteria.

• Comprehensive password protection and card data security features to safeguard sensitive cardholder information.