Products & Services

Our end-to-end processing and reporting solutions are tailored to fit your needs and include:

  • End-to-end processing for Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Network credit & debit cards
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Hosted gateway solutions
  • Gift & pre-paid cards
  • Electronic Check Service
  • Free online reporting through
  • Comprehensive PCI Compliance Programs

Extensive Connectivity Options

We understand the way you accept card payments varies greatly depending on your business and point-of-sale configuration. Our robust products for face-to-face, mail-order/telephone-order, and e-commerce environments support your operations and include:

  • A broad range of point-of-sale terminal and software solutions\
  • Solutions from hundreds of value-added resellers (VARs) and software providers, allowing you to integrate processing across multiple point-of-sale platforms.
  • Flexible premise and hosted gateway solutions enable secure access to multiple processing endpoints as needed, and connect to all of the leading point-of-sale and property management systems.


E-commerce and online sales should be an important part of any businesses long term strategic plan.  In 2006 consumer online purchases were close to $150 million and this is expected to double by 2015.  In 2009 eCommerce sales increased by 11% while retail sales dropped by 6%. Two thirds of all adults shop online today and this is expected to increase.  

Many consumers that enter retail stores have already done comparisons online and have already been sold on their purchase.  Online sales give the opportunity to reach a much broader market share and helps defuse the cost of a traditional retail store by increasing total sales while not having many of the traditional cost of a retail store.  eCommerce has helped reduce borders and limits felt by the retail store.  The current marketplace is no longer local and has become global.  Having the right eCommerce account allows you to reach the world.  With 240 Million internet users in the US alone eCommerce can be a significant boost to your business.

Software Connectivity

Integrate payments into your software.  We have many options to connect your merchant account into a variety of software applications.  We work with, NMI, BridgePay, USAePAY and many others.  We can integrate with SecurityTrax by, Aloha, Dinerware, NCR, Quickbooks and many many more.  We have software Point of Sale solutions if you need them or can integrate into your current program.  Experience the Platinum Guarantee!